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New home construction

We work with individuals and building contractors depending on what the customer decides. We will walk through plans to be sure their lighting needs are met. Listening and making suggestions to be sure our customers are going to love the lighting in their new home! 


Whether you need a refreshing change or a compete change, we can help our customers find the lighting that suits them perfectly. 

Solar Energy 

We are Sheridan's most experienced in solar energy. Whether your goal is to reduce your utility bill, live "off the grid", or live in a remote area where utility power is not available we can give you options. 


Now available: hybrid solar systems to back feed the grid and still provide electricity when the utilies are down. Call for details.

Our Services include a variety of work. We take service calls for small electrical needs such as installing a ceiling fan or switching out regular incandescent lightbulbs to LED's. Below are a complete list of all other electrical work that can be provided. 

Additional Products
We offer the Smart Cube technology if your home or buisness has high motor loads to help reduce your utility bill. Call for details. 



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